Make Your Own Beats and Demo CDs

Be part of the many people who are able to live selling their sample, tracs and cd’s, on the internet and off without being sign to a lable.

Every day, new artist are paying from $30 to $60 for beat and sound packages and $100 to $300 for instrumentals.

There are thousands of people and even companies looking for new music everyday! Let them hear yours!

If you want to make it big in the Music Industry or trying to make some extra income, this article is for you.

Will be sharing you the resources you need to make your own beats, loops and intrumentals, plus we will show you what you need to do to make money doing it.

Part I: Make Your Own Beats, Instrumentals, Samples, Loops, Tracks, and Complete Demo CDs…

First thing, you need to get yourself a recording studio software. It’s just a program that will allow you to mix beats, melodies, samples and more. It’s also what you’re going to be using to record yourself as you sing or rap to your track.

You can purchase the software online by typing recording studio software and watch the reviews to see witch one will work for you.

But before you go buy anything, make sure you know exactly how to use the software, these days you can find youtube videos that will teach you everything you need to know on how to do everything.

Once you learn all the process of doing your own beat, you can hit the next step by recording yourself.

Here’s an interesting video on how to make a beat in 5 Minutes using:  FL Studio

So now you know how to make your own beats, instrumentals, samples, loops, tracks, and even complete demo cd’s, and this brings us to our next part…

Part II: Make Money Doing It…


There are many, many ways to make money with your own music. The first thing you need to do, though, is break it down into pieces, or components we will call them.

There are 4 key components to any track, or song.

  • You have soundsets, which are nothing more than beats, sounds, scratches, etc.
  • loopsets, which are your soundsets when put together in a loop.
  • You have instrumentals, which are completed tracks with no voice or lyrics.
  • Finally, you have completed tracks, which are basically just instrumentals that include lyrics.

When you look at music from this angle, broken down into components, you will start to see many ways to make money with your own.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this report, people are not only paying for completed tracks, they are also paying for the components individually.

If you can create you own, good components, people will buy them.

Again, search the Internet for these components.

Doing so will not only show you how much you can sell your components for, but also where you can sell them.

As long as people are listening to music, there will always be a demand for it, and I can’t see people stopping anytime soon.

Hope this articles helps you and dont forget to share it.

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