Be Part of the “SXM HARDEST ON THE ROCK” Challenge

The Hardest on the rock challenge is back

We got in contact with Jernaldo “Dr Rum” Thielman, co founder of hardest on the rock with Dolla “Anthony Hyiam” to ask them few questions about this challenge, here are the answers

Can you tell us exactly what “Hardest on the rock” project ?

Hardest on the rock is a platform where Rap/urban artist can showcase their skills.

It was created to give rappers a platform seeing there is little to nowhere for rappers to display their music or be heard in sxm.

What was the general feedback for the first edition in 2018? 

The feedback was amazing for the first edition it surpassed its expectations. i wasn’t even aware that their where so many ppl that could rap in or from little sxm so it was very refreshing.

– The award that took place for the first edition, how did you determine the winners?

Hardest on the rock is “not” a competition, Hardest on the rock is a “challenge”

So therefore there was no winner or looser, The Award show was a token of appreciation where we showed our appreciation for them taking part.

we thanked everyone but couldn’t give everyone a token of appreciation.

So that part was done based on the most shares, Likes, Comments, views and creative videos.
Also some of the older rappers we wanted to show our appreciation for them opening and paving the way for this to even be possible.

What can we expect for this new edition of Hardest on the rock project?

To be honest i don’t know what to expect but i do hope we can cater to the artis that are willing to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to them.
What the ppl should expect is nothing but creativity, new artist, Lyrics, Pain and knowledge to be share in this Hardest of the Rock Edition

  • Can we expect to see more Hardest on the rock challenge in the future?

You can defiantly expect to see more hardest on the rock challenges in the future. the idea is to make Hardest on the rock a annual challenge and award show and to expand the brand to different genres.
Hardest on the rock will be the foundation for artist to display their talent to represent their island.

  What are the condition to take part in this edition?

To take part you just simply need to give you email address the beat will be sent to u.
you play the beat in the back ground and film yourself rapping.
you then post that video on your fb timeline and tag the Hardest On The Rock fb page @Hotr sxm (hardest on the rock) and put the hash tag



  • Contact information for artist who wants to take part.

After sending your message to hardest on the rock gmail you will receive the beat and then u record yourself rhyming to the beat. you then upload your video on your facebook page and tag Hotr sxm (hardest on the rock)

be aware there is 2 pages of hardest on the rock one that is inactive due to some technical difficulties so we made a new page so make sure you put (hardest on the rock) wen trying to tag the page so u can get the right one.

  • Any last information you would like to share ?

This challenge was made for anybody who would like to express themselves thought lyrics and rhyming.
In the edition, we had so many videos and not all of them was from artist, some people who just felt inspired by the movement sent in their videos inspired other to do it as well. W
hat i am trying to say is feel free to take part in the challenge no matter who you are.

Link to Hardest on The Rock Facebook page :

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