Lisa: Swa’Li Qua’stions with Soualiga Music

Lisa is a SXM French born student and dancer living in France, she goes by the name of bxxdmood on Instagram with over 22K Followers. 
We wanted to know how she was living the pandemic and we sent her our Swa’Li Qua’stions and here are her answers:

1°/ Present yourself for the viewers or readers who may not  know who you are :

I’m Lisa aka bxxdmood

2°/ How are you currently living this world situation

During this pandemic I am keeping myself busy by doing the things I love, dancing, workout, playing game and cooking. I think it’s very important to stay inside so that the spread can be contained and we can go back to our normal lives. But I’m also happy for this time to take care and focus on myself and my goals.

3°/ What is your advice or message for everyone in SXM during this time.

Stay at home if it’s not necessary to leave and do something constructive with your time, some people may need rest because time was moving too fast and they may need to catch a breath, use this time for that. SXM depends solely on tourism and if we cannot get this pandemic under control we won’t be able to gain income to keep our economy running smoothly. Take care of yourselves and take care of SXM.

4°/ What Music video of SXM Artist you’re listening to these days for us to share with our audience.

REKLESS – dvnzo
Most of the time I’ve been listening to mixes.
Sweet Sweet Reggae Mix Vol.2
Down Soca Lane Vol.3
and more by DJ SIW’ROO

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